Former GM Bill Polian: Detroit Lions new Greatest Show on Turf

Bill Polian


The Detroit Lions finished an extremely disappointing 4-12 this past season. A big drop off for the team after making a playoff appearance just the year before. With how underwhelming the team was, everyone knew the Lions might be big players in free agency because they needed to upgrade numerous positions across their roster.

The Lions ultimately had a big Tuesday in free agency as they landed key components in running back Reggie Bush, safety Glover Quinn, and defensive end Jason Jones. But if you ask former Colts GM Bill Polian, the biggest addition was Reggie Bush. Polian then went on to make a rather surprising proclamation.

Polian stated that the Lions will be the new “Greatest Show on Turf“, in reference to the 1999 St. Louis Rams explosive offense.

I respect Polian’s opinion greatly as he was the mastermind of those Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts teams that were consistently in playoff contention year in and year out.

But perhaps he is reaching just a big for a team that was only able to win 4 games last season. I’m not saying the offense won’t be explosive, but if they’re still unable to win games it won’t come anywhere close to being remembered as the Greatest Show on Turf.


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  • Um, I think they are still missing a few pieces to be considered in that zip code.

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