Former NBA Great Adrian Dantley works as a Crossing Guard

Adrian Dantley

Former NBA player Adrian Dantley used to drop buckets. During his 15 season NBA career Dantley totaled 23,177 points. At the time when he retired, that was good enough for 9th all-time. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame back in 2008, Dantley had a great career and will always be remembered as one of the league’s great scorers.

But for someone with such a great NBA career, the question must be asked. Why is Dantley now working as a crossing guard at a middle school in Silver Spring, Maryland?

Dantley at work

Deadspin has more information on the curious occupation of the former NBA great.

The greatest 6-foot-5 post player in the history of the NBA now pulls morning and afternoon shifts at a busy intersection outside Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Md. The job, which he took at the beginning of this school year, earns him $14,685.50 a year, according to Montgomery County civil service records.

“He doesn’t need the money,” a Dantley associate tells me. The guard-forward was legendarily cheap during his long and fruitful NBA career, and he still lives nearby in a home he purchased in 1990 for $1.1 million, one that a former agent said “was virtually free and clear” of debt back in 1996.

“He’s not going to just sit around,” the associate continues, “and he just doesn’t want to pay health insurance.” Turns out that NBA veterans aren’t provided health insurance by the league, not even all-timers like Dantley. Crossing guards in Montgomery County, however, are.

If Dantley doesn’t need the money and simply just wants something to fill his time with and provide health insurance, more power to the man.

I think at 6’5″, Dantley has cornered the market on being the largest crossing guard in history.

I’m sure he is great at his new job.

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  • I think this is awesome! It’s great to see an NBA legend giving back to the community. If we could all be this lucky! 🙂

  • I followed Adrian throughout his NBA career. Seems like he is living life, rather than just letting it carry him along. I have great respect for what hie is doing. It would be good if other professional athletes followed his example.

  • He looks great, lighter than playing days.

  • This story made me smile, happy for the man and it’s great news to read.

  • The man has a work ethic.

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