Former Patriots Ted Johnson Calls Vince Wilfork’s Wife Ugly, Then Gets Punked by Wilfork


Vince Wilfork Bianca

There are a couple of things going on here. You are free to have an opinion on anything, but as the cliche goes, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Ted Johnson could have avoided this answer, but he decided to give his opinion according to The Big Lead.

Ted Johnson, a former Patriots linebacker (won three Super Bowls, played at the University of Colorado), is now hosting a radio show in Houston. He was asked who the ugliest spouse was on the Patriots during his time there.

That’s something he probably should have not answered. But he did. “He won’t hear this – Vince Wilfork,” said Johnson. Whoops.

Frankly, I am sure this isn’t the first Wilfork has heard this about his wife who he met on Blackplanet, but rightly he defended his spouse.

Johnson at this point gets scared.

The error Johnson made was thinking it wouldn’t get back to Wilfork, he isn’t sorry about what he said, because that is what he believed, he is sorry he got caught.

If you are going someone ugly, just man up and say that is how you feel. Don’t punk out when you get threatened, that is a soft move on Johnson part.

If you are going to say something, say it with your chest.

Wilfork had the final word.



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