Former Titans Cheerleader Allegedly Sexually Assaulted a 12-Year-Old Boy


Elizabeth Leigh Garner

The married Ex-Cheerleader Elizabeth Leigh Garner is 42 years old.

The boy who is accusing her of sexual assault is 12 years old.

That’s a little crazy, here are the details of what went down according to Deadspin.

A 42-year-old Nashville woman accused of inappropriately touching and soliciting a Murfreesboro preteen for sex at his home in February was arrested on two outstanding indictments last week, according to police.

During an interview with police at his school, the boy said Garner was at his home drinking, and at some point late in the evening he went to use the restroom when Garner followed him, according to police.

“He stated she was asking him if he had ever been with a woman,” Roberts reported, adding the boy disclosed she then touched him inappropriately on the outside of his pants. “He also said she was making an attempt to take his shorts off …” and told the boy she would perform oral sex on him.

In an interview with police, Garner told Roberts she was drunk the evening of the incident and got the boy “‘confused with a man that was also at the residence,’” according to the report.

What exactly do you have to be drinking, to confuse a 12 year old with a grown man?  That is some strong alcohol, that people should stay away from. Unless the kid is built like a 12 year old Shaq, no way you could be that drunk.

Wonder what her husband thinks about this? Someone call up Vince Young and see if he ever took this woman to the Cheesecake Factory during his time in Nashville.

We need answers.


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