Four Female HS Hoops Players Suspended For Pouring Urine In Opponents Cooler


Deadspin via the Monett Times is reporting that four girls on the Monett High School basketball team in Missouri have been suspended for pouring urine in their opposing teams water cooler.

Monett High School reportedly issued a letter on March 20 to the parents of the girls’ basketball team informing them of the contamination of drinking water at a Feb. 4 game at Cassville High School.

We were informed of this incident Wednesday morning, and by Wednesday afternoon, we pulled our students on the girls’ basketball team that were involved and let them know what had happened,” said Brad Hanson, Monett superintendent. “We also sent a letter home with the students.”

The letter stated that four members of the Cassville girls’ basketball team admitted their involvement in pouring urine into the drinking cooler provided to the Lady Cubs […]

Cassville Assistant Superintendent Jill LeCompte issued the following statement today (Friday, March 22), which reads in part,

“Cassville R-4 School District believes that sportsmanship and maintaining high standards for our students is important. We do not condone these actions and regret that our students were involved in this unfortunate incident.

“Student discipline is a private matter that we cannot discuss,” the statement continues. “We are in communication with the other school district and are working cooperatively with them to address questions or concerns.”

Monett High School contacted Dr. Mark Costley a Monett physician, who then contacted the infectious disease department at Cox South Hospital to determine what the potential health risk were from the incident.

“We were concerned about the potential health issues,” said Hanson. “We wanted to be sure to educate our parents on what to do to test, screen and make sure our kids are protected. Mr. (David) Steward (high school principal), Mr. (Dave) Miller (assistant high school principal) and Mr. (Daryl) Bradley (athletic director) spent a lot of the day on Wednesday making phone calls to local physicians and the CDC (Center for Disease Control).”

The kids who had their urine poured in the cooler are undergoing test to determine if any health risk are present.

“What’s done is done. Our concern at this point is more health related than anything else,” said Hanson.

The R-1 administration is asking parents and students to handle the situation with professionalism and restraint.

“We all need to remember that people make mistakes whether we’re adults or 14- to 18-year-old kids,” said Hanson. “We need to sit back, no matter how upset, appalled or angry we are. I’m asking for our students, coaches and community to take the high road on this and show we are the classy people we are.”

I’ve heard of pranks, but this is absolutely disgusting.

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  • Just a heads up…The Monett Cubs were the victims of this “prank” as the media has been calling it. No one in Monett was suspended. The beginning of your article is incorrect.
    The Cassville Wildcats girls were the ones who peed in cups, chose the lightest of the urine, poured it into the Monett Cubs water cooler. It wasn’t until a MONTH later that the Cassville coach and principal contacted Monett.

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