Fred Davis’ Accuser Makini Chaka Testified That Redskins Are Jealous Of Ravens



Makini Chaka is a celebrity broker, who is suing Washington Redskins free agent tight end Fred Davis for $350,000 on the claim that he ruined her business after Davis allegedly threw juice on her and hit Chaka with a bottle during a club altercation in 2011.  

According to the Washingtonian, Chaka testified that Redskins players are jealous of the Ravens and their success, and that Jealous was a the root of her dispute with Davis.

The incident in question took place on January 6, 2011, during a surprise party for Davis thrown by his Redskins teammates at Josephine Nightclub. Chaka said she arrived at with a number of Ravens players, including Denver Broncos runningback Willis McGahee, whom she identified as a client. “The Redskins and the Ravens players don’t get along,” Chaka testified.

“A lot of the Redskins players are jealous of the Ravens players because they are a better team.”



  1. We often wonder why young (Black) football players go completely broke.Well ,this explains it all to me.She is a nice looking lady but she could never be my agent.In my personal opinion if she already knew the teams didnt like each other yet she had a client on the team.Why did she show up to his party with that client.When you have an agent like that who needs enemies.Also,i do love the fact that she was/is a black weman in power.

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