French Basketball Team Loses Game After Coach’s Interference (Video)


Laurent Sciarra, the coach of French second division basketball team Rouen, committed one of the dumbest acts I’ve ever seen.

In the waning seconds of a tied game between Rouen and Boulogne Sur Mer, and Sciarra’s team defending, in a moment of inexplicable madness, the former French international took a swipe at the ball when the opposing player drove to his side of the court.

The referee saw the encroachment, called a technical with 0.8 seconds left on the clock, which resulted in two free throws and the ball being rewarded to Boulogne, handing them the game. Sciarra’s reaction was priceless, it reminded me of a soccer player who committed a silly foul, knows he’s about to get booked but pleads his innocence anyway to the referee.

Check the video courtesy of Deadspin here:


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