Georgia LB Jarvis Jones Says His Neck Is Fine, Will Still Be A Top Pick


Former Georgia All American and top overall NFL Draft prospect Jarvis Jones is disputing reports that teams have taken him off their draft boards due to concerns about his neck.

Jones who suffers from Spinal Stenosis told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that his neck is fine, doctors have cleared him, and he’ ll show out at his pro day on March 21.

“That ain’t true,” he said of the reports, before throwing out the first pitch of the Braves’ spring training game against Detroit at Disney. “People are still talking to me. Nobody has taken me off the board. The doctor said I was fine and cleared me and the [scouting] combine went fine for me.  I was cleared medically. Teams know my situation. Everything went great. I did everything they asked me to do. I’ll have my pro day [at Georgia on March 21], and then I’m going to meet with a whole lot of teams.”

Jones blamed all the talk about his draft stock falling to the normal pre-draft misinformation that comes out.

“People were telling me teams do that because they want me to drop to them because they don’t have high picks,” he said. “I can’t control none of that. I know what teams were telling and I know what doctors told me. So I just focus on what I can control, which is trying to be the best football player in America.”