Groupies Can Now Buy Fake Pregnancy and DNA Tests to Trap Ballers

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I didn’t want to believe it, because to believe it, would mean that I have lost all hope for the women in our society. I don’t begrudge women who want to date men with a lot of money and have some status, that is logical to me.

What isn’t logical, is buying a fake pregnancy test to get it done. Jocks and Stiletto Jill has track down a website where their slogan is.


My first reaction was……..


Then, I started to look at the products and simply shook my head.

fake a baby

Fake a baby 2

Fake a baby 3

Now, the sad part about this, will be that some woman reading this right now, is probably buying those fake sonogram photos, so I apologize to the guy who has to deal with her.

My advice to all men would be, if a woman says she is pregnant  GO TO THE DOCTOR, do not trust any documents she gives you, because as you can see those aren’t hard to find.

2 thoughts on “Groupies Can Now Buy Fake Pregnancy and DNA Tests to Trap Ballers

  • This is appalling. Things like this make it bad for all females gold diggers or not.

  • Message to all professional athletes: Leave the groupies alone! It’s that simple.

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