Indiana Fan Signs Says Dan Dakich Dated Her Mom; His Reply? (VIDEO)

Dakich dated my mom

If you were tuned into TNT watching Kobe Bean Bryant and his elbow take on the Oklahoma City Thunder, you missed out on a humorous moment courtesy of ESPN’s Dan Dakich.

During last night Indiana vs. Ohio State game, ESPN’s camera are seen trolling a fan’s sign that reads, “Dan Dakich dated my mom … seriously.”

However that wasn’t a joke, nor was it a clever way to get on ESPN. The girl holding the sign actually has some claim to fame thanks to her mother. Dan was all ready to hash down memory lane and name names until he was abruptly cut short by Mike Tirico.

“You kidding me?” Dakich responded. “The daughter wears that as a badge of honor. Why shouldn’t she?”

I don’t blame the daughter, hopefully you went over the poster with your mother before hand. You wouldn’t want Dakich to make an awkward phone call to the house, but it was all in fun.

Hey mama has too have a life too.

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  • He should have said “yeah I hit that”……

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