Jadeveon Clowney Says He Would Never Sit Out A Season (Video)


Much as been made about South Carolina All American defensive end Jadeveon Clowney and whether or not he should sit out the 2013 college football season to avoid the risk of serious injury.

The debate started after a Charlotte Observer suggested that because Clowney couldn’t enter the 2013 draft because of a three-year rule, that he should just sit out and train.

Everyone offered up an opinion on the matter except Clowney, until now.  Clowney sat down for a brief conversation with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi, as the Gamecocks opened their spring practice on Saturday.

Clowney let it be known to Rinaldi that the thought never crossed his mind, and that “he would never sit out a season.”

“My mom was the first person who called me and was like ‘I hope you ain’t talking about doing something crazy like this,’” Clowney said during an interview with ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi. “Nobody would like me here. I’m not leaving school. I don’t really think I’m taking a big risk. You can get hurt anywhere. I could get in a car accident on any given day outside of football. I could trip over a curb and tear my ACL.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 5 years old, playing football. If this is my time to get hurt, it’s my time to get hurt. I’m just gonna play like I’ve been playing.”

Clowney who many have compared to Julius Peppers, would avoid physical injury by sitting out the season, but would definitely injure his brand, and have pundits and skeptics questioning whether he’s a me guy or a team player at next years combine.

So essentially Clowney is in a no win situation in the publics eyes, but has the opportunity to win a SEC Title, National Championship, and accolades.

That’s something money can’t buy.