JaVale McGee Autographs The Ball With Invisible Sharpie After Block (VIDEO)

javale mcgee signs ball with fake sharpie

This video below is the exact reason why Shaquille O’Neal will forever go after Denver Nuggets center Javale McGee. He makes it so easy.

McGee may not have scored any points, during the Nuggets 107-92 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, but that didn’t matter so much because McGee was a star in his own right.

After swatting away what appeared to be an easy lap up attempt by Matt Barnes, McGee did the unthinkable. He retrieves the ball from a fan, pulls out his invisible sharpie and autographs the ball.

This has to be one of the funniest but puzzling acts by McGee, who has many moments on the court that makes me slowly shake my head in confusion. The reaction by Andre Miller in the background is priceless. His facial expression was shared by me upon my first view of this.

2 thoughts on “JaVale McGee Autographs The Ball With Invisible Sharpie After Block (VIDEO)

  • thats a old playground thing, afetr you block somebody shot they gotta sign the ball…we aint done that in years !!!!

  • It was a moment of being silly by a young player. Denver has been surprisingly good this year. Javale may have his moments of immaturity, but there’s nothing wrong with a player having a little fun.

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