Jerry Rice Compares NFL’s New Helmet Rule To “Powder Puff Football”


The NFL passed a rule by a huge margin today that will now allow ball carriers to be penalized for leading with the crown of their helmets anytime they get outside the box.

Several former and current players have voiced their displeasure with the ruling.  The greatest of all time has now entered the fray.

Rice was on ESPN’s NFL Live earlier today, and according to Pro Football Talk, he likened the new rule to “powder puff football.”

“I know the players are going to adjust and it’s all about protecting the players, but football is football,” Rice said. “Now, do you want to turn this into like a powder puff football? Because guys have to be able to protect themselves. You can’t lead with the crown of the helmet, I know that. But when you’re out in the open field, you’ve got to be able to drop your shoulders and deliver a blow.”

It will definitely be interesting to see how many close and big games this new ruling will affect.