Jets Executive: Manti Te’o Scares You A Little Bit

NFL: Combine

New York Jets senior personnel executive Terry Bradway admitted that the team is not sure how to approach Manti Te’o, his skill set, and the drama surrounding him as the draft approaches.

During an interview with the Jets’ team website, Bradway reflected on his week at the NFL combine in Indianapolis and the outlook for the Jets franchise this off-season.

Bradway said that all the things going on in his personal life, combined with his poor combine, and performance against Alabama,  makes Te’o a player that  the Jets are a bit worried when evaluating his NFL future.

“It’s an unusual situation, that’s for sure. I feel bad for him. I mean, the stress of the situation has to have had an impact on his training somehow. I think he’s going to run faster than that at his pro day at the end of March,” Bradway said.

“He’s a good football player,” he added. “I know a lot of us gave him pretty good grades, but when you look at the Alabama game and you look at what’s happened since, it just scares you a little bit. I know their whole defense struggled against Alabama – a lot of missed tackles – they’re a good football team but I think its caused everybody to go back and re-watch and see exactly what we have here. It’s going to be interesting to see where he’s drafted.”

I think it’s all water under the bridge considering the Jets hold the 9th overall pick and Te’o won’t be going that high.