Jets OC: Tim Tebow Can Play But Mark Shanchez Has A Leg Up For Starting Job

Jets' Tebow on the bench against the Bills in Orchard Park

The New York Jets have a handful of issues lying at their front door. In addition to having a lackluster offense, they’re major concern seems to be focused around the quarterback position. With a new offensive coordinator in town, along with Rex Ryan confirming at the NFL Combine there would be an open competition for a starting quarterback, it didn’t take long before Tim Tebow’s name made its way on the top of the priority list.

“I’m excited to coach all of our players, including Tim. We had a long discussion,” Marty Mornhinweg said Monday on a conference call. “He’s got my thoughts on the situation, and he has some thoughts as well. If he’s on this football team, which he is right now, I would do it a certain way.”

“First of all, Tebow would be taking reps at quarterback, and then some of his other skills could certainly help a football team, according to NESN.Com What Tebow did in Denver a year ago was something else. The man can play football. How you utilize him will certainly be the key,” Mornhinweg said. “Just talking in general, with quarterbacks, the decision making is key, as well as accuracy and timing, so he certainly has some of that. It’ll be interesting to see exactly where he’s at.”

“He’s played some awfully good games,” Mornhinweg said. “It’s been just a touch scatter. So that’s our responsibility. He’s proven that he can play at a winning level, at a high level. … He’s proven that he can make all the throws. So now his challenge and our challenge is playing at that level on a much more consistent basis.”

Mornhinweg has not been shy to sing praises about Tebow, but his praises come with a big fat if, which often illustrates the chances of Tebow staying in New York are slim to none. After last season’s epic fail, it’s almost impossible to imagine Tebow staying with the New York Jets. However as of now, he is still a member of the team. Since the Jets decided to have an open competition for a starting quarterback, although Mornhinweg confirmed Sanchez has a “leg up” on the competition, may be Tebow has a chance.

Well now he has a little more competition, now that the Jets have signed QB David Garrad.

Tebow needs to just hang it up and play full back postition. I understand it’s his dream to be a QB, but you  lived out that dream already. It’s time to move on if he wants to play for the NFL or he’ll end up falling on one knee in the arena league.

One thought on “Jets OC: Tim Tebow Can Play But Mark Shanchez Has A Leg Up For Starting Job

  • I totally disagree . Tim Tebow is a QB and while Marc SANCHEZ may have a leg up because of Rex Ryan and he being such good friend’s ,Tim has never been given a real chance to prove his abilities as a QB because he’s left handed . And because in the NFL they have their picks and clicks and if your not one of them then you will not be a part of the team . In other words the NFL teams show’s favoritism not just the Jets but all of the teams . I don’t like the Jets ,I never have ,but I do believe if the OC would work with Tim to help him over come his weaknesses he would make a better QB than Marc could ever hope to be . Tim enjoys football while Marc is in it for the money only .I noticed that when I would watch the games .Tim Tebow has the passion to want to be a Great QB and Marc doesn’t have that passion . If you want a fullback ? Use Greg McElroy for a fullback he would make a good one .

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