Joe Flacco Celebrates New Contract By Going To McDonalds For McNuggets (Photo)

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Joe Flacco proved that he’s still the same ‘Cool Joe’ with the ho-hum personality that has come to make him the subject of fascination. No, he doesn’t have the charisma of Brady or the personality of a Drew Brees–he’s just Joe Flacco.

What better way for this to ring all the more true than with Flacco’s choice of celebratory meal after signing a behemoth six-year deal–Mcdonalds.

As reported by ESPN just hours after signing a contract  that will make him the highest paid player by average annual value Flacco drove to a Mcdonalds in Aberdeen Maryland  and ordered a 10 piece nugget meal with a sweet tea (dollarnaire style) for the total of $6.99.

The photo snapped of the very candid Flacco was done so by Mcdonalds employee and Ravens fan Sherry Norman:

I kept saying to the people I work with, ‘Doesn’t that look like Joe Flacco?,’ ”

“And then he turned towards the window and it was him.”

I honestly would expect nothing else from Mr. Flacco