John Wall Reportedly Stares Down David Falk After Game-Winner (VIDEO)

john wall stare down david falk

What’s beef?

Washington Wizard’s John Wall and the NBA’s super-agent David Falk may be partaking in a juvenile, petty version of beef, which was displayed yesterday.

To set the stage, in an interview with The Washington Post last month around Valentine’s day, Michael Jordan’s longtime agent and agent to a numerous of current NBA players, criticized and ripped the Washington Wizards and John Wall.

“You guys are in dreamland. Because this team [stinks] so bad you guys want John Wall to be someone he will never be.”

“Who’s bigger, Kyrie Irving or John Wall? John Wall. Who’s a better athlete? John Wall. Who’s faster? Who’s stronger? John Wall. Now, who’s a better player? Kyrie Irving. John Wall will never be good as Kyrie Irving was in his first week in the NBA.”

Harsh words like that will always strike a reaction. Defenders for Wall stepped out and spoke against the above quote. However Falk was not moved and maintain his stance offering no apology. Falk only apologizes to a news reporter for speaking so publicly about the situations, but made no apologizes for his actual feelings.

Since Falk’s initial comments, both sides have been quiet, until Sunday. The best way to show somebody up is not with your words. Anyone can talk, and that’s what a lot of people tend to do. Simply run their mouth, and apply little to no action to back up their words.

“I also want to publicly apologize to John Wall. I hope he either ignores my comments completely or tacks them up on his locker and uses them as motivation.”

Instead of Wall taking a page from Falk’s book, he decided not entertain him by talking, instead he decided to let his actions do the talking for him. I’m sure Wall will disagree and state he wasn’t staring down Falk, but the video below (1.19 mark) clearly shows after the game winning shot he gave someone in the stands a stink eye.

According to people who were in the facility it was directed to Falk. Falk is another guy in the NBA who suffers from not having a filter for his mouth, so I wouldn’t be surprise if within the next few weeks Falk would offer more insight on Wall and the Wizards, after receiving the stink eye from Wall. However, considering the Wizards are still a sub-.500 team instead of holding on to grudges I suggest he focuses on issues related to the team’s play or lack their off.