John Wall Says he’s the Fastest Player in the NBA

John Wall

Washington Wizards point guard John Wall, has been making a lot of bold statements both on and off the court this season.

There was his “beef” with NBA agent David Faulk, after he questioned his ability to be a top tier point guard. It wasn’t that long ago he proclaimed himself a max contract player, although, if  one was to look at the totality of his career, his premise seemed implausible.

Then last week, he got ejected from a game against the Golden State Warriors for threatening Klay Thompson but then followed that by dropping 47 points against one of the league’s best defenses in the Memphis Grizzlies.

And according to Sports Illustrated, after his team suffered a 103-80 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Wizards guard told the Washington Post that he believes he’s the fastest player in the league, even Russell Westbrook.

“I think we are both young, athletic, fast point guards,” Wall said. “That’s very rare that you see that in this league. I’m trying to take the same steps that he took to become an all-star. I give a lot of credit to how he is working and how is helping his team win.”

“No, I’m going to say myself….There’s a couple fast guys in this league. He’s up there, Derrick [Rose] is up there, when he’s healthy. Mike Conley’s pretty quick. It’s different guys. Ty Lawson’s quick. So there’s a lot of guys, but I put myself first. Just for fun.”

I think Wall has a case here, but it’s kind of hard to quantify who the fastest player in the league is. It’s a subjective topic that will bring forth a number of different opinions.