Johnny Manziel Reportedly Shoved An Assistant Coach During A Scrimmage



Johnny Manziel has been doing a lot away from the football field for the past few months, and it may have caused him to become a little rusty.

During a recent Texas A&M scrimmage on Saturday Manziel threw three interceptions, the final one came on a short pass into the end zone as he was rolling to his right.

A grad assistant got excited, started jumping up and down with extreme exuberance.  His exuberance was a bit much for Manziel who was already heated.

Manziel reportedly shoved the grad assistant according to the Houston Chronicle. Players and coaches quickly separated the GA and Manziel before anything escalated.

Johnny Football still has that fire, regardless of his new-found celebrity.

H/T Larry Brown Sports


  1. you’re gonna chalk that up to him “having fire”….? Please. That is ridiculous. Kid is a clown, regardless of how good he is or not. Hopefully the GA slapped the shit outta him.

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