JR Smith Tells Fan On Twitter, He Gave The Fan’s Mom Oral Sex (Photo)

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After being the goat of the Knicks loss to the Miami Heat he’s been getting an earful on twitter. But in typical JR Smith fashion instead of turning the other cheek he decided to retaliate in the most lewd way possible.

Jr Smith Tweets

JR wasn’t done.

JR Smith Tweets 2

Will this garner enough anguish in the social media world that the league may give JR a call? If you recall, he has been fined for his Twitter antics, before when he posted photos of rapper Joe Budden’s Ex-Girlfriend Tahiry booty from the team hotel.  

If a fan comes at you in a disrespectful fashion, to me it becomes fair game, but the comment that was made wasn’t out of line.  There was also some truth to it, since JR Smith’s turnover sealed the comeback win for the Heat.

JR might want to spend a little more time in the gym and less time on Twitter, because those 5-18 shooting performances and bone headed end of the game decisions are going to cost the Knicks even more when the playoffs start.

Stop being so sensitive, JR.

2 thoughts on “JR Smith Tells Fan On Twitter, He Gave The Fan’s Mom Oral Sex (Photo)

  • AMAZING, That same HO blew me Too

  • He prides himself on his ego, I can see that. He needs people to sing his praise at all times and when they don’t he reacts like this, very immature instead of seeing what he can do to get better so that kind of performance won’t happen like that again. It’s easy to ignore people as well especially when you’re a athlete who believes they’re above everyone else. He’s not mature minded.

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