Kenyon Martin Says The Clippers Lob City Approach Won’t Work In Playoffs


Kenyon Martin spoke of being a changed man, and being humbled by not having any suitors for almost the entire NBA season.

Martin must be getting a little comfortable with the Knicks, because he’s firing shots across to the left coast.  Martin was asked about the Clippers last night prior to the their matchup against his Knicks, and told Arash Markazi that “the teams up and down approach to the game won’t work in the playoffs.”

“They can’t do it in the playoffs, so it doesn’t matter,” Martin said. “Regular season, it’s all up-and-down. We know how the game goes in the regular season.”

Martin didn’t want to elaborate, adding only, “I don’t care what they do, to be honest with you. I hope they lose every game.”

Martin of course comes off slightly bitter because the Clippers chose not to re-sign him in the off-season.  Still Martin has a point.

They are not a team that is just going to lock you down on the defensive end.  They don’t have that one defensive stopper on the team either.

For all the highlight reel dunks DeAndre Jordan pulls off, his defense has been lacking the last two months or so.  The Clippers will definitely need to be more intense on the defensive end to make any noise out west.

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  • I agree…..lops are not going to win in the playoffs in my opinion

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