Kim Kardashian Goes to Doctor for Stomach Pains, Blames Her Husband Kris Humphries


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One day, this is all going to be over between Kris Humphries, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.  The world will be better off when that happens.

Nothing says dysfunctional better than a woman whose original fame came from a sex tape, having a baby by a rapper who goes off on rants about buying MTV personalities TVs, while still married to a NBA player, whose boss came out with a CD with the rapper she is currently pregnant by.

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Kimmy was feeling a little blue, so she went to the doctor to get everything checked out.

Kim Kardashian went to the doctor yesterday because she was having pains in her stomach, and the doc warned she needed to slow down.

We’re told Kim was flying home from Paris when she started feeling “severe stomach pains” on the plane. It freaked her out and she started bawling in front of other passengers.

Sources say Kim is “stressed out” … we’re told because she’s prepping for her deposition in her divorce case with Kris Humphries and she’s moving to a new house.

She and Lil Yeezy are fine, but needs to take it easy (that sounded like a Kanye line). Humphries who has been bumped from the Nets rotation still plans to fight the divorce to the bitter end.

2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Goes to Doctor for Stomach Pains, Blames Her Husband Kris Humphries

  • Im sick and tired when people call jay-z nets boss, he is not humphries’s boss , he owns LESS than 1% yes LESS of the nets. he is not a part-owner he is more of a cheerleader that the real owner uses like a puppet because of his popularity

  • How the hell is Kris to blame? She chose to get pregnant while still married. GTFOHWTBS this is a prime example of Kim caring only about Kim. She doesn’t even care about the health of her unborn child. But this your baby mama Kanye and you wonder why people still don’t respect you LOL. I will use a line out of Rob’s book SMARTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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