Kobe Bryant Can’t Go to Dinner With Spanish Women Without Being Accused of Cheating?


Darth Kobe has to eat.

If you had your choice of going to dinner with Dwight Howard ot a tall Spanish woman, which one would you choose? I pointed this out on an episode of the Boss and Rob show recently, about how things have changed so much over the past 5-10 years, in regard to how closely athletes are watched off the court.

Now, you have tons of people, who are more than willing to expose players, for doing the most random things. A lot of the time, it is nothing to it, sometimes it is more.

In this case Tattletailzz.com (creative domain name) via Bossip.com, wants you to believe a simple dinner date between Bean and a woman means he is cheating.

Pay attention to how they word this.

According to our sources Kobe was allegedly spotted out on a dinner date recently in Atlanta, GA with an attractive tall Spanish female who flew in town to meet Kobe in Atlanta.

Who is the mysterious women? We are not sure, however the source did say that she “looked familiar like she has been with other celebrities or players possibly just a jump off.”

She looked like a jump off, so therefore she must be a  jump off. I can tell you one thing specifically, if Kobe was out creeping, he wouldn’t randomly be in an ATL restaurant with some Spanish woman, he isn’t Tiger Woods, he covers his tracks a little better than that.

Is it possible? Sure, but like everything else take these things with a grain of salt.

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  • C’mon man..a man & woman can’t have dinner without being an affair…….after all he went through I gave the black mamba the benefit of the doubt

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