Kobe Bryant Says He Would Have Smacked Serge Ibaka If He Hit Him In The Nuts

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Kobe’s been in ‘tell it like it is’ mode for quite some time, and isn’t afraid to speak bluntly no matter how the media may view his outspokenness.

As per USA Today Kobe was clear on how he would’ve reacted if Ibaka would’ve laid the same groin hit on him as he laid on Blake Griffin in yesterday’s game.

“I probably would have smacked him in the mouth”

“I would have dealt with the pain afterward.”

Griffin fell to the floor in pain after the bush-league move  by Ibaka, and the Clippers soon lost to the Thunder 108-104 after a huge comeback after being down double digits.

The Lakers play the Thunder on Tuesday, and something tells me this game just got a lot more intriguing.