Kobe: Dahntay Jones Hurt me on Purpose (Video)

kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant suffered a severe sprain of his left ankle during the final seconds of the Lakers game against the Atlanta Hawks yesterday. In the final seconds, Bryant attempted a game-tying field goal and landed on the foot of the defender Dahntay Jones. But with Kobe fading away you have to wonder, how did he land on the foot of the defender? Kobe seemed to be wondering the same thing after the game.

Sports Glory captured these quotes from the annoyed Bryant after the game.

Following the game, Bryant said Jones “Jalen Rosed me,” referring to the time Rose purposely put his foot underneath him in the 2000 NBA Finals.

Bryant added:  “I can’t get my mind past the fact that I gotta wait a year to get revenge.”

“You just can’t go underneath shooters man, that’s a dangerous play,” said Bryant.  “I just think players need to be made conscious of it, and I think officials need to protect shooters, period.”

When you watch the play live initially I didn’t think that there was anything dirty about the play. Watch it for yourself below.


But when slowed down, it appears Jones left Bryant no space to return to the ground, something I believe every shooter should be allowed to have.

I can’t really blame Kobe for being upset.