Kordell Stewart Spotted With Ex Hours Before Filing For Divorce

Kordell Stewart with Baby mama

The night before you divorce your wife what does one do?

Some people have meetings with pastors to draw up a scheme to keep millions, while others have play dates with their ex before kicking their current spouse to the curb.

On March 21, Kordell was spotted at a Dave & Buster’s in Marietta, Ga. with his ex Tania and their son Syre, according to TMZ hours before filing for divorce. Although the two was spotted together in deep conversation, there is no official word if the two discuss the divorce Kordell was planning to file.

Sources close to Kordell tell the TMZ:

Stewart was initially booked to appear at the restaurant as part of an event for a local radio station where he works … but thought Syre would enjoy the place, so he called up Tania and invited them over.

It’s unclear if Kordell and Tania talked about the NFL player’s marriage … but witnesses inside the joint tell us the two appeared to be having a serious conversation and Kordell looked stressed out.

Once you blindside a woman with a divorce and after not obtaining a job say you don’t want to pay spousal support, you can expect a woman scorn and ready to fight. Since the divorce was made public a few days ago, Porsha Stewart has since retained Randall Kessler, who is the same attorney who represented Pamela Smith and her phony paternity suit against Michael Jordan.

To make matters worse Tina Richardson was a former Real Housewife of Atlanta. Viewers may remember her as a tag along friend to Shree Whitfield. It seems Kordell didn’t want the mother of his child on show due to the negative perception she may receive, but he had no problems joining the cast with Porsha.

This should be interesting. No one ever wishes ill-will against a couple and/or their definition for love. However when you subject yourself to these reality shows for a quick $75k public scrutiny comes with the cash and fame.

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