Lakers Jordan Hill’s Friend Crashes Hill’s Bentley Into Apartment (PHOTOS)


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Jordan Hill can’t catch a break right now.

The Los Angeles player has found himself again stuck in a not so pretty situation. The ironic thing is he actually had little to nothing to do with the incident besides being naïve and trusting the wrong people.

Jordan Hill's Bentley Crashed

According to, Hill’s friend Michael Lacey was driving his Bentley, drunk apparently, and crashed into an apartment complex.

A Bentley registered under the name of Lakers forward Jordan Hill crashed into an apartment building in Marina Del Rey early Saturday morning. The driver of the vehicle, 26-year-old Michael Lacey, was arrested on DUI charges. There was a female passenger who was not arrested. The accident happened around 2:21 a.m. in the 13900 block of Marquesas Way. The vehicle was totaled when it hit the luxury apartment. L.A. County Fire treated at least one patient on the scene but no one was transported to the hospital.
Neighbors said they saw blood in the complex.

“I heard a loud crash and then a splash,” one neighbor said. “I guess the driver ran away. There was blood all over the gate that he jumped over.”

Lacey is also a basketball player, but not a professional one.

Hill isn’t a veteran in the league, and although he is in the NBA playing for the Lakers he doesn’t make that long I can throw it away and still get paid money. This is when you need to rethink your friends. Now your name is in some stuff simply because your friend was too drunk to realize maybe I shouldn’t get in this over price Bentley while I’m drunk.  Lastly your friend is 26 years-old if he is going to be irresponsible and stupid let him display those actions in his own car, if he has one.

Lesson for the day: Don’t drink and drive. Just say yes to a taxi!


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  • tht will teach youto lend your car to a drunk

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