Larry Sanders Gets Ejected for the Third Time in Six Games (Video)

Larry Sanders

I’m no math major but that’s a 50 percent ejection rate that Larry Sanders has percolating in the last week or so.

Unfortunately, seeing Sanders walk off the court prematurely is becoming a common sight these days and that’s not good if you’re the Milwaukee Bucks.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for last night’s ejection simply because having Indiana Pacers player Paul George posterize you, can alter your mood.

According to USA Today Sports, Sanders got got two technical fouls within minutes of each other during the third quarter of what was at that time a close game between the Pacers and the Bucks. After Sanders left the game, the Pacers went on a 14-1 run that basically ended any hopes of a victory for Milwaukee who sit in the eighth seed of the Eastern Conference standings.

Following the game, the Bucks head coach Jim Boylan was understandably unhappy with his center.

“You’re a professional athlete, and you have to behave like a professional,” Boylan told reporters (via Journal Sentinel). “We’ll talk with Larry. Like I’ve said to Larry before, I don’t mind him playing with emotion as long as it doesn’t hurt the team.

“Getting ejected from two games in a row, it’s not good for our team and it’s not good for Larry.”


Here’s the video of Sanders getting ejected:



As I said before in regards to Sanders’ battle with the officials, it’s not a fight he’s going to win.