Lawrence Frank Says the Pistons are “Disheartening to Watch”

Lawrence Frank

If you’ve watched the Detroit Pistons at any point this season, then like me you should be nodding your head in agreement with Lawrence Frank’s assertion.

Not only are the Pistons a bad team with mismatched parts, they’re absolutely unwatchable and very few players on the team make you want to tune in to watch their games.

According to Pro Basketball Talk, Frank revealed his frustration to the Detroit News after watching his team lose their ninth straight game in a blowout courtesy the Brooklyn Nets.

‘This is our fifth game like this since the break,” said Pistons coach Lawrence Frank, who returned to the team after a six-game absence due to his wife’s illness.

“As a group we stunk. This is disheartening to watch.”

Frank, believes that the team needs to retrieve the “Pistons pride,” that has been dormant following the dismantling of the roster that won the Larry O’Brien trophy in 2004.

“We have to restore the pride of being a Piston,” said Frank before Monday’s game. “We’re not gonna restore it in a day but, big picture, we have to get that pride back in wearing that jersey.”

The Pistons downfall has to fall squarely on the shoulders of their general manager Joe Dumars. They’ve drafted some promising talent in Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe, but besides those two the rest of the roster isn’t that impressive and that is due to Dumars’ poor personnel decisions.

It seems like that ring they won almost ten years ago has bought him immunity from the unemployment line.