LeBron James Reacts To Receiving Custom Iron Man Nikes (VIDEO)

Custom Iron Man Nike Lebron X 5

As a kid you pester your parents to spend their hard earned money not on books, not on new building blocks, but on your favorite athlete’s new sneakers.

As an adult, you stand in line the night before debating if you really need these shoes, or can you afford to pay your rent a few days late, so you can get the new special edition pair of sneakers that only come out every so often.

However when you’re the King you don’t stand in line like common folks, nor do you use your rent money to stunt on new shoes. When you are the King you simply make a call to Mache Customs, and two weeks later you’re introduced to your custom additions.

Sneakerwatch.com was able to speak with Mache directly about his two week process on making the show, and then catching up with King James to make the actual delivery.

LeBron started from the bottom now he’s here with a new pair of custom Iron Mans. It must be nice.

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