Lebron James Says he’s Concerned About Knee Injury


That gasping sound you here, is Miami Heat fans holding their collective breath.

During the third quarter of the Heat’s 99-93 victory over the New York Knicks, James went up for an alley-oop dunk and came down awkwardly after being hit by a defender, he managed to finish the game after some initial discomfort, he’s worried but doesn’t expect to miss any time.

“I was concerned,” James said. “I’m still concerned a little bit.”

“I was able to finish the game strong but things are always a little worse the next day,” James said. “We’ve got to fly to Minnesota, but I believe I’ll be in the lineup [Monday], though.”

Knee injuries are nothing to take lightly, but I expect the Heat to be extra cautious with Lebron because if he is anything less than his usually amazing self, Miami won’t be winning anything this year.

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  • If his knee hurts then why play tonight against the Timberwolves…..

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