Lebron James’ Sons Rock Kid n Play Haircuts (Photo)

Lebron James Sons Rock Kid n Play Haircuts

As an 80’s baby I would’ve never pegged the 90’s as a decade that would be known for fashion with the cross colors, hammer pants, and high top fades that were in style back then. Boy was I wrong. All of these trends have come back with a vengeance.

At 28 Lebron James is old enough (although barely) to remember the 90’s hip hop group Kid n Play known for their House Party movies and iconic hair cuts, and the trendy basketball star is passing the style on to his sons Bryce and Bronny. James tweeted a picture of them from @kingjames with the description:

New House Party movie coming soon Starring Bronny and Bryce #aintgonehurtnobody

I think this is too cute, and if everyone who tries to bring back 90’s trends can execute it as well as the James boys did I’m all for it.

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