Little Leaguer Pimps Out Epic Home Run Trot (Video)


Ok, so the only thing little about this kid is the league he plays in. Every league has that one kid who is rather large for his age and you just hope the bases are empty when he comes up to bat. Little is known about this kid except for the fact that the youtube clip refers to him as “Lil Papi” which is probably because of his physical similarity to David Ortiz.

After settling into the box, Papi takes the first pitch and hammers it over the center field wall for what looks to be a Grand Slam.

Then the fun begins.

Now this trot is probably going to anger the good sportsmanship, everybody gets a participation trophy crowd, and Papi probably went a wee bit overboard, but if you are going to pimp it out, make it epic.

Hands up in the air, the jersey pop and the skip into the full trot had some style. All it was missing was a spin after reaching second base or crossing the plate by moonwalking.

Again, it was a Grand Slam so there is some leeway extended to Lil Papi. Of course, if the pitcher drilled him in the side next time that would be totally understandable as well.