Magic fan Proposes to Girlfriend After she Misses Halfcourt Shot (Video)


Magic fan

I’m not a proponent of proposing to a woman in front of thousands of strangers, but if a man feels compelled to put his heart, soul, and dignity on the line, then he’d better be 1000 percent sure that yes can be the only possible answer. Fortunately, for this guy, it was.

In a story courtesy of Pro Basketball Talk, during the Orlando Magic game against the Miami Heat on Monday, a fan set up a clever proposal for his girlfriend by leading her to believe that the reason she was on the court was to attempt a halfcourt shot for $1000. When she predictably made a pretty sorry attempt at the basket, he was waiting with the real prize.

Now if I was a gambling man, by the way here are the 2013 Kentucky Derby favorites I would have bet she turned him down. But, just like if I was betting on Kentucky Derby 2013 I would probably be wrong.

Check the video out here:




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