Magic Johnson Says Andrew Bynum Likes to Get Paid, But Doesn’t Love the Game

Andrew Bynum

Magic Johnson is many things, an NBA legend, entrepreneur, successful businessman, owner, survivor, but an insightful analyst he is not, so when he says anything interesting I’m always surprised but I digress.

On Friday night during his weekly appearance on ESPN’s KIA NBA Countdown, Johnson made his feelings known on the dire situation in Philadelphia concerning former Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum and he didn’t hold back any punches.

“I loved playing basketball so I would play in pain. I did that for many years,” Johnson said tonight on ESPN’s KIA NBA Countdown. “Andrew Bynum was here in Los Angeles with the Lakers. He wasn’t a guy who could tolerate pain. When he was injured, he wasn’t a guy who worked hard to get back. This doesn’t surprise me.

“Now we see why Kobe Bryant had trouble with the big man because when you think about Andrew, he’s a guy who never liked criticism. He’s not a gym rat. I think he plays because hey, I’m getting paid and I’m in the spotlight, but I don’t think he loves to play.”

I think anyone who has seen Andrew Bynum’s demeanor when he’s actually on the court would question his love for the game, it makes you wonder if basketball found him and it just seemed to the logical fit because of his size. To be fair to Bynum though, when he is on the court he’s a force in this league, to get to that level don’t you have to love what you do?

3 thoughts on “Magic Johnson Says Andrew Bynum Likes to Get Paid, But Doesn’t Love the Game

  • if you think every professional athlete “loves” their sport you’re nuts….not a great article.

  • Although I do not disagree with questioning his love at times I think it should be noted that Andrew Bynum played injured and in pain twice while with the Lakers when he had knee injuries. That is noted and documented.

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your comments. I love Magic and respect him 100%. He’s a great icon and a great commentator. However, what he says isn’t law. Andrew Bynum like many of us is complicated and multi-faceted. To say Andrew Bynum doesn’t like playing may be true or maybe not be true. We generally don’t know all factors of any situation since there are “three” sides to every story. Personality, charachter, life experiences, mental flexibility, general health, ability etc. are some factors that play a factor in this discussion.

    I personally have met Andrew and respect the person he is. I think no one’s behavior is so transparent, as to be analyzed in one sentence, or one article for that matter. There’s definitely some pieces missing here. Possibly a new hair-doo will change the way people think of him lol!

    Nonetheless. I love Andrew Bynum. So much I created a website that pays respect and utmost support to him ( You never know how far a little encouragement will go.

    Be blessed guys. E.

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