Magic Johnson Says It Doesn’t Surprise Him That Andrew Bynum Won’t Play

Andrew Bynum

Andrew Bynum’s time in Philadelphia may come to an end in a few weeks, but it remains to be seen who’ll give Bynum another big money contract this summer.

Bynum made headlines here in Philadelphia a few days ago when he was brutally honest in saying he would not play in pain. Of course the comments didn’t go over well with 76ers fans who are used to seeing the Allen Iverson’s  of the world play with broken bones.

When guy who isn’t surprised is former Lakers great and current ESPN analyst Magic Johnson.  The Star Ledger is reporting that Johnson during a recent pregame show, said he wasn’t surprised by Bynum lack of a desire to return to the court.

“I loved playing basketball, so I would play in pain. I did that for many years,” Magic Johnson said during an ESPN pregame show. “Andrew Bynum was here in Los Angeles with the Lakers. He wasn’t a guy who could tolerate pain. When he was injured, he wasn’t a guy who worked hard to get back. This doesn’t surprise me.”

This isn’t the first time Bynum’s love of the game has been questioned, and it will continue to be questioned.  Sad thing is, Andrew Bynum may not care.

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