Male Fan Gets LeBron James’ Name Cut Into the Back of His Head (Photo)


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There are a lot of things I want to say, but my first question would be.


I understand that FAN is short for FANATIC, but before we are fans, were are MEN. Men do not get another man’s name cut in the back of their head.  They definitely don’t put an Instagram filter on it.

Lebron Haircut 7

No one should go into a barbershop and say give me the LEBRON. How can you look at your girlfriend with a straight face with a haircut like this? I take that back, because there is no way this guy have been with a woman since 1986. I wish someone could explain to me the fascination of getting tattoos and haircuts of your favorite male athletes on your body.

I am really trying to understand, but I simply have no answers.  Maybe I should just ask him @Mackderreck.