Manny Pacquiao: I’m too Busy to think about Boxing

Manny Pacquiao


Manny Pacquiao should be well respected for how he has turned his boxing super-stardom into multiple other business avenues in his life. From endorsement deals to being elected a congressman in his native Philippines. Pacquiao has done well to brand himself in other areas.

But now the question has began to arise as to when Pacquiao will return to what originally got his brand going. Boxing. But according to The Philippine  Star, it won’t be soon. In fact, Pacquiao admitted he hasn’t even thought about it.

I’m very busy right now.  Boxing is not in my mind.”

Pacquiao has been helping his brother run for congress and elaborated that that was his only focus right now.

You can ask me after [the] elections.  Right now, there’s nothing.  We haven’t even talked about anything regarding boxing.”

Well. In the meantime…. Never forget this.