Marc Trestman Says Devin Hester is just a Returner, Not a Wide Receiver



I thought Devin Hester was a decent wide receiver, I have seen worst in the NFL, but new coach Marc Trestman wants him to concentrate on special teams.

I think that is a mistake, because Hester is a playmaker, so limiting his touches, isn’t going to help the Bears any. Pro Football Zone has the details.

Trestman said at the league meeting today that he views Hester as a return man, not a wide receiver. As a result, Trestman said, Hester will be spending his time in practice working with the special teams.

Although Trestman hasn’t totally ruled out Hester playing some receiver, he said he’s not even sure if Hester will practice with the wide receivers this season, let alone play with them.


  1. He’s too dumb to learn Tice’s playbook what makes you think he can take on Trestman’s? Now he is a $3 million dollar special teams player–put him on the trade block and if you can not get anything for him cut him.

  2. Just because there’s worse WRs out there, it doesn’t mean Hester’s good. He’s Josh Cribbs 1.0.

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