Mark Cuban On Mavs Season: Like Having A Company That’s Going Out Of Business



Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has had to sit through this maddening and frustrating season as his franchise takes loss after loss.

Cuban’s star player, Dirk Nowitzki is suffering through an injury plagued season in which he’s averaging a career low 16 points a game.

Cuban himself is extremely frustrated, and when speaking to the Dallas Morning News on Friday, called it “the most painful thing he’s ever been through.”

“It’s the most painful thing that I’ve been through,” Cuban said. “It’s like having a company that’s going out of business.”

Cuban is a smart man, and will have cap space in the off-season, it’s just a matter of if he can get a superstar or two to call Dallas home.


  1. Well what did he expect? He went all or nothing for one ring and got it but at the cost of his franchise in the long run.

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