Mark Cuban sticks up for Jason Terry for taking on LeBron Dunk

Mark Cuban sticks up for Jason Terry for taking the LeBron dunk head on


By this point, I’m sure you have seen the video of the monstrous dunk by LeBron on Jason Terry of the Celtics. One of the nastiest dunks this season, I have honestly watched it about 50 times at this point.

Typically we see comments from everybody regarding how great the dunk was and condemning whoever got dunked on. But now we have some quote from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, in which he sticks up for Jason Terry. Leave it to Cuban to be different.

Per ESPN’s Tim MacMahon: “More credit for Jet. It’s the gutless who worry about what they look like in a poster and it’s the real guys, the real players who have no problem playing the game. Like I said before, I give credit to Brandon Knight, I give credit to Jet. You do your job and not care about the posters or the tweets. Those are the kind of guys teams wants.”

“I don’t know what his plan was, but his plan certainly wasn’t to avoid whatever it was [James] wanted to do. And I give him credit for that. If he was trying to take a charge, that’s one thing. If he was going straight up and down — you can create contact and it’s still not a foul — that’s a way you might stop him. If he got caught in between, that’s what happens. At least he didn’t back down. He deserves credit for that.”

To be completely honest I understand what Cuban is saying. But I just would never want to end up in a poster if I could avoid it.

Nobody seems to remember the player who didn’t back down from getting dunked on. The video is just played over and over as viewers cringe.

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  • This is stupid , i get what he says about not backing down but when your that small and cant leap great , there is no need to jump and try to contest cause your not going to block it anyway and all he did was foul him and give him an extra point via Free throw, so in this case backing down would have been the smart thing.

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