Marquette Player Chris Otule’s Eye Pops Out (Photo)

Marquette Player Chris Otule’s Eye Pops Out

Although seeded a respectable 3, Marquette shocked the world last night when the handily defeated a Miami team many had going to the Final Four.

A huge contributor to this Marquette run has been red shirt senior Chris Otule, who shared an interesting and slightly eye raising (no pun intended) fact after Thursday’s win…The center has a removable eye and as reported by USA Today, popped his eye out for CBS’ Jeff Goodman.

Chris Otule Eye Pops Out 2

Otule has spoken about his condition before in an interview with the Journal-Sentinel.

“I was born with one eye, actually, and the other one wasn’t fully developed. So I had to get an artificial (left) eye, since I was one or two. And every time I grew out of it, I had to go back to the doctor and they’d make a new one.

“I’ve always had one eye,” Otule said. “It didn’t happen in the middle of my life; I’ve had it since birth. If I hadn’t had it since birth, it would probably be difficult to adjust to. But I’ve always been used to it, since I’ve had it since birth.”

“The only time I do have trouble is when a pass comes quick from a short distance,” he said. “That’s the only problem I have — catching the short, fast ones. But as far as anything else, I’m used to it.”

Who would’ve known?  It’s nothing short of amazing what Otule has been able to do on the court despite having one eye and being legally blind.