Video: Marshall Henderson Exits March Madness by Giving KC Crowd The Middle Finger

Marshall Henderson Smoking

Could it end any other way for our Villain?

You didn’t think Marshall Henderson would exit the tournament as a gracious loser did you? Once a villain always a villain.  It is just a matter of time before he is tearing up $20 Bills and flushing them in the toilet.  This is a guy who was arrested for buying weed with Counterfeit bills and Tweets about tending to his hoes.

He would be great for boxing, would fit right in. Who knows what trouble he will get into now that he doesn’t have any games to play. His off season should be interesting.

Here was his explanation of why he flipped out, no pun intended.

Here is the issue, if you are going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it. Marshall Henderson is a troll, so he can’t be surprised when fans get personal with him.

Bullies don’t like being bully and getting a taste of their own medicine.

FYI, LaSalle has fired back via an edit of Marshall Henderson’s Wikipedia Page.

Marshall Henderson Wiki

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  • One of the Memphis TV stations (either WREG channel 3 or WMC TV 5) did an interview with him in the locker room and it was priceless. I have seen many athletes shed a tear after losing a big game, but I’ve never seen one cry like a little bitch the way he did. Sniveling, whimpering, sobbing, it’s all there and funny as hell to see him completely lose it and I would have felt sorry for him if it weren’t for his “I’m The Shit” attitude. He can’t walk the walk nearly as good as he thinks he talks the talk. You might find the interview on You Tube but if not try the 2 stations listed above and search. It will be worth your time, believe me.

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