Video: Marshall Henderson Exits March Madness by Giving KC Crowd The Middle Finger

Marshall Henderson Smoking

Could it end any other way for our Villain?

You didn’t think Marshall Henderson would exit the tournament as a gracious loser did you? Once a villain always a villain.  It is just a matter of time before he is tearing up $20 Bills and flushing them in the toilet.  This is a guy who was arrested for buying weed with Counterfeit bills and Tweets about tending to his hoes.

He would be great for boxing, would fit right in. Who knows what trouble he will get into now that he doesn’t have any games to play. His off season should be interesting.

Here was his explanation of why he flipped out, no pun intended.

Here is the issue, if you are going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it. Marshall Henderson is a troll, so he can’t be surprised when fans get personal with him.

Bullies don’t like being bully and getting a taste of their own medicine.

FYI, LaSalle has fired back via an edit of Marshall Henderson’s Wikipedia Page.

Marshall Henderson Wiki

36 thoughts on “Video: Marshall Henderson Exits March Madness by Giving KC Crowd The Middle Finger

  • Put me in a room with this fool, and lock the door on the other side. Open it after 5 minutes for a cute surprise…

    • sure dude, he’d own you.

    • sounds kinda suspect…

  • I said this on my Twitter feed, if a black player did this crap white folks would be ready to kill him but because he is white, he is seen as “exciting” and fresh for the game. The media didn’t say that about Randy Moss when he mooned the Packers or the Miami Hurricanes football team back in the day when they showed out, but this kind can get away with it cause he is white.

    • you’re giving this kid too much credit. he isn’t that good to begin with. He is a joke and that is what people have painted him as.

    • Interesting assumption there blkbamabelle. I’m white and certainly don’t think he’s “exciting”. He’s a punk-ass POS and a one-hit wonder who’ll soon see his 15 minutes of fame expire. Have a chip on our shoulder, do we?

    • So tired of hearing that comparison. If you want to call attention to the state of the nation’s racial affairs & who’s getting special treatment pick a legitimate point to bitch about. The move away from honorable behavior in sports is nothing new. Athletes have always lived by a different set of rules because the public allows it. Knowing there are few consequences for bad behavior is why it occurs when you’re a mental light weight like Henderson. Negative attention is what he craves so the more he gets the more he misbehaves. Poor boy obviously didn’t get what he needed as a child.

      • I agree with jane, athletes in general get put on a whole different level.

    • Just be glad there isn’t a black basketball player who is as big a d-bag as Marshall Henderson.

    • I’m not into the Black/white thing, but I do know that you are right in what you said. If he was black, he would be ejected from playing basketball. They all really get too much attention, if you were to ask me!

      • riiiiiight…dennis rodman.

        • “riiiiiight…dennis rodman.”

          Game over. End of argument.

    • Uh, as a white male in his twenties this kid is a major douche bag, & almost every sports fan I know hate him.

      A little different opposed to Randy Moss, who destroyed defenses. Trash talk & shit like that comes off a little different when you actually achieve something

  • Marshall being Marshall.

    • His playing days will end on a Schoolyard or park court and probably sooner than he thinks. Trashy kids act trashy and trash stinks.

  • i thought there was a code of ethics,sportsmanship,if you will, with college athletes.i guess it doesnt apply to henderson.his antics are out of control.after that show of the gator chomp at s.e.c. title game,i thought what a jerk.should have been penilized,or 5 minutes with Patrick Young of gators in private.he embarrased the ole miss nation.

  • would you expect anything else from a spoiled little punk. what a piece of dog dun! a real class act who thinks the world owes him something.
    look his name up in another ten years and he’ll be in some soup line!

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