Marshall Henderson gets Into it With Twitter Imposter


Marshall Henderson

Marshall Henderson seems like the kind of guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and on his keyboard.

The Ole Miss guard, has been the most intriguing player so far in the NCAA March Madness tourney. In his team’s victory against Wisconsin, Henderson went toe to toe with the law of averages by shooting his way out of an ugly first half performance, he’s also been known to mess around with counterfeit money.

Now, according to USA Today Sports, Henderson got into back and forth on twitter with a fake account. When a twitter account branding the name of University of Kentucky player Ryan Harrow, fired some shots at the Ole Miss guard, he just had to respond.

Here are the tweets from the Harrow account that has 23,000 followers (mainly because of a Nerlens Noel retweet), where he told Henderson to be quiet and reminded him of the score of a game between Kentucky and Ole Miss in the season.


Henderson responded profanely before deleting his tweets, here are the screen shots.

swcreen shots



The University of Kentucky director of sports information confirmed that the Harrow account was a fake.


I personally don’t get why people make fake accounts just to start drama, they most not feel loved or get the required amount of attention it takes to not find that amusing. Henderson on the other hand, has made himself an easy target for such mindless pranks because he’s shown that he has a brash personality.

I can’t wait to see what he gets himself into next.