Maurice Jones-Drew Is Mad About People Ripping Blaine Gabbert


Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert has been the butt of jokes and ridicule for most of the off-season.  Coming on the heels of a former Jags assistant blasting Gabbert twice, stud running back Maurice Jones-Drew has had enough.

Jones unleashed on all of Gabberts targets via the Florida Times-Union.

“OK, I’m going to hit this target,” he said.

“For that coach to come out and say that, that’s not what a man should do. You have a problem, tell it to his face. You don’t air somebody out after you’re gone. That happens too much in this league. It just (ticks) me off that people talk about the guy like that.”

Gabbert has gone 5-19 as a starter, and has received the brunt of the criticism for all things wrong in Jacksonville.  Jones-Drew for his part blames the quarterbacks struggles on everything inconsistent around him.

“I’m not making excuses for Blaine — he’s made mistakes of his own that for us to go places, he has to correct,” he said. “But we all make mistakes, and I feel like we haven’t supported him enough.”

“I don’t understand how a guy can perform at a consistent level when there’s no consistency in his (professional) life,” Jones-Drew added.