Maverick Players Won’t Shave Until at .500, Invites Barber To Next Game

dirk nowitzki beard

The Dallas Mavericks have been playing how they look this season… bummy.  However they’re expecting that to change Thursday night, as they try to get a victory against the Pacers, which would have them at .500.

Seven players – Mayo, Dirk Nowitzki, Vince Carter, Chris Kaman, Elton Brand, and Jae Crowder – decided to not shave their beards until the team was at .500.

The pact was made after the team fell seven games below .500. Since then they have won their last nine of 12 games, and now are 35-36 for the season.

O.J Mayo seems pretty faithful the Mavs can beat the Pacers Thursday, after he informed ESPN Omar the barber will be in the building for this home game on Thursday night.

“Man, everyone is going to have their clippers in their locker Thursday and hopefully you guys can watch us shave them off,” said Mayo, who said he doesn’t know his barber’s last name. “The barber will be here. We’re going to leave him tickets and give ourselves a chance to shave them off.

“I want to make sure to do it right. I don’t want to leave no patches.”

One person who can greatly benefit from a win on Thursday would be Dirk Nowitzki. The caveman beard is not a good look on him.

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  • You must be joking or a female if you don’t think that beard looks glorious on Dirk Nowitzki. He looks like a Greek God.

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