Mayweather & Guerrero Engaged In Some Heated Trash Talk at Photoshoot (Video)

Mayweather Guerrero

Bernard Hopkins told me that 75% of the boxing game is mental, in and out of the ring and the other 25% was preparation. He said most fighters are prepared physically, but mentally is where you can break them down.

That is what Floyd Mayweather is doing in this video courtesy of CSNBayArea, he’s trying to get into Robert Guerrero’s head.

It worked against Victor Ortiz, but we will see if it will work against Robert Guerrero. Even if it doesn’t work, Guerrero along with his trainer are still going to have to develop a game plan using their brains not just their brawn to beat Floyd Mayweather.

The positive for Guerrero, is that he knows he isn’t fighting a prime Mayweather, there was a time it didn’t matter who you put in front of Mayweather, it was going to be a white wash.  That should give him some confidence going forward.  You have to believe you can win, before you actually pull off an upset.

I think it would be a mistake by Guerrero to simply look at how Cotto fought Mayweather or attempt to do what he did to Berto, that is what Mayweather is going to be expecting. You aren’t going to outbox Mayweather, but Mayweather is prone to taking breaks on the ropes and that’s when Guerrero will have to take advantage, more accurately than Cotto did and while not losing his cool like Ortiz.

It should be a good fight.