Metta World Peace Says He Twisted His Ankle Doing Harlem Shake, But He’s a Solider


Metta World Peace The Ballerina

I hope the Lakers never get rid of the artist formerly known as Ron Artest. Some people are just trolling for attention, I think MWP believes what he is saying, which is sort of scary if you think about it.

He rolled his ankle during the Lakers vs. Thunder game and here was his explanation on how it happened according to SB Nation.

“I was doing the Harlem Shake,” World Peace said. “Then I twisted my ankle. But it’s all right.”

Why would he do that?

“I hit a three and just thought I’d do the Harlem Shake,” said World Peace, perhaps seeing the Miami Heat do the same thing. “But it’ll be okay. We’re soldiers.”

The real reason he hurt his ankle, was because he landed on Serge Ibaka’s foot.  Luckily, Ibaka didn’t decide not to slap in his man regions for the inconvenience.


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