Metta World Peace Says He’s Teaching Dwight Howard How to Be a Leader


You want to laugh, but if you really listen to what MWP is saying, it makes sense. Try to read the quote from Sports Glory without thinking of the names Dwight Howard and Metta World Peace.

Also, try to ignore the part where MWP talks about having Tourette’s, that might throw you off a bit.

“Dwight is learning how to be a leader,” World Peace told ESPNLA 710 on Thursday. “He’s not yet a vocal leader because he hasn’t been in that situation enough to lead by example, so I have to really step up and lead more vocally and by example and I try to teach Dwight a little bit about what it takes to lead. I don’t have all the accolades that these guys have, mainly because of my dysfunction and my Tourette’s [syndrome]. It’s not because of my play, because I’ve been suspended. “

Leadership is natural, some people have it and some people don’t.  Sometimes, you are so talented and hardworking, people are just force to follow you, even if you don’t have natural leadership skills.  I would put Kobe Bryant in that category.

Dwight Howard doesn’t have either.  He is very talented, but his clown like behavior, doesn’t make people gravitate towards him.  Maybe Metta can help him, maybe he can’t, but Dwight just maybe what he is and can’t be changed.